An experienced developer who builds products on the web.

Will Morgan

Hello. I'm Will, a senior web developer based in London, UK.

I care about building products well, giving attention to detail all the way from prototyping to deployment.

I'm currently available for hire on a freelance / contract basis.

Get in touch.

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My toolkit.

Over many years of experience, I've had the responsibilities of lead frontend engineer, lead backend engineer, and systems architect.

Having helped to build a business over 4 years, I've brought in new processes to make development teams more efficient and more productive.

  • JavaScript
  • Backbone
  • Raphael
  • Require
  • jQuery
  • SASS
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • Grunt
  • Gulp
  • Composer
  • Nginx
  • Git
  • Scrum
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I built the backend for Greggs Rewards, a loyalty scheme for Greggs the Bakers.

The Greggs Rewards website
The Greggs Rewards website
  • Lead backend developer
  • Systems architect
  • Consuming 3 different APIs for payment and CRM systems
  • Authoring an API for their mobile application
  • Social sign in, which was later open sourced and supported publicly to the present day
  • PHP
  • SilverStripe
  • JavaScript
Greggs Rewards: Social signin screen
Social signin screen
Greggs Rewards: Top up order process
Top up order process
Greggs Rewards: Payment choice screen
Payment choice screen
Greggs Rewards: Order complete page
Order complete page
Greggs Rewards: Order history
Order history

Aston Chase

I built the frontend and backend for Aston Chase, an estate agent in North West London.

Aston Chase's website
Aston Chase's website
  • Lead backend developer
  • Lead frontend developer
  • Consuming a third party API for property data
  • Intelligently caching the responses for fast responses and quick updates from the API provider
  • Multilanguage and multi currency support
  • PHP
  • SilverStripe
  • Backbone.JS
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
Aston Chase: Homepage
Aston Chase: Multilingual content pages
Multilingual functionality
Aston Chase: Dynamic search form
Dynamic search form
Aston Chase: Listing page
Listing page
Aston Chase: Details page
Details page
Aston Chase: Panoramic images
Panoramic images

Event e-commerce system

I architected and built a backend to bespoke requirements for a London events company.

An example ticket generated by the system
An example ticket generated by the system
  • Lead backend developer
  • Systems architect
  • A bespoke e-commerce system tailored to unique business requirements
  • Payments and CRM handled through Stripe
  • Intelligent email notification system
  • Over 200 unit tests to protect against regression during ongoing development
  • PHP
  • SilverStripe
  • Backbone.JS
  • Stripe
  • Litmus
Event system: Event page
Event page
Event system: Basket review
Basket review
Event system: Payments with Stripe
Payments with Stripe
Event system: Purchase success
Purchase success
Event system: Ticket generated to PDF
Ticket generated to PDF
Event system: Event listing
Event listing
Event system: User dashboard for packages
User package dashboard
Event system: User dashboard for tickets
User ticket dashboard
Event system: Ticket assignment
Ticket assignment

Would you like to work together?

I'm interested in building things that make a positive difference to the world, especially if they're to do with music.

I can work in a variety of capacities - backend, frontend, or tech strategy.

I'm available for contracts from January 2015.

Let's talk.

You can also grab a copy of my CV, if you like.

Thanks for your time.

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